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WP 5. Public Awareness

WP 5 was aiming at enhancing the public awareness and raising knowledge on general risks and protection issues related to radioactivity, providing information on the status of environmental radioactivity in the EuroArctic and giving recommendations on how to minimize risks.

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) was in the lead of WP 5. The activities and results included

  1. Open seminars for general public and target groups were arranged in Finland, Norway and Russia, to provide information on current status of radioactivity in the area and to provide information and instructions for the cases of possible nuclear accidents in the region. Open seminars were arranged in autumn 2011 in Murmansk and in spring 2012 in Tromsø where current radioactivity-related issues were discussed. In autumn 2013 in Oulu an open seminar was arranged to present the main results of the CEEPRA project.
  2. Public lectures were held on radioactivity, its sources, risks and applications in every-day life. Recommendations were given to minimize the risks.
  3. Information leaflets on radioactivity, sources of ionizing radiation and recommendations on how to minimize risks were prepared and delivered in all three counties. Internet links for more information were provided in the leaflets. A general brochure on CEEPRA project was prepared and delivered further. For the public seminar in Oulu, a more comprehensive leaflet was made where the project background and preliminary results were presented. The leaflet was published both in English and in Finnish and available for the seminar participants in Oulu. Besides, it was delivered to other target groups in the three countries.
  4. During the project, several press releases and reports were prepared that were available for general public either as printed or via internet. Most of the reports were written in English, but some materials were produced also in Finnish, in Russian and in Norwegian. In the end of the project, a general report was compiled where the project objectives and results were given. The report was written in English as well as in the four languages of the project area (Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, Northern Sami). The report is available for target groups and for general public both in print and electronically upon request from STUK, NRPA or MMBI.
  5. The key information on the progress and results of the project were published in the internet sites of STUK, MMBI and NRPA. The results on the situation of environmental radioactivity in the Euro-Arctic region were published also in other applicable internet sites in each of the three countries. The project’s own internet site was launched in autumn 2012, where information is available in English as well as in Finnish, Russian, Norwegian and Northern Sami.
  6. The results of the radioactivity in the Euro-Arctic region as well as the CEEPRA project have been presented in several national and international scientific seminars and conferences, and will be presented also in the future after the end of the implementation of the project.

WP 5 publications:

A leaflet presenting the activities and preliminary results of the project (available upon request from STUK in English and in Finnish): CEEPRA - Collaboration Network on EuroArctic Environmental Radiation Protection and Research.

The final publication (available upon request from STUK in English, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian and North Sami): Rasilainen, T. (ed.): CEEPRA -  Collaboration Network on EuroArctic Environmental Radiation Protection and Research. Final Report.